Built sometime between 1828 and 1845, this one-room schoolhouse was better known as #16 in the Potsdam district. We have met several former students and a substitute teacher since opening as "Mom's" in 2003.This is a picture we have of their memories.

     The desks faced the blackboards that were on the same wall as our trivia board. (That slate is from a school in Ogdensburg and Dick made the frame for it). The teacher's desk was to the right of the boards approximately where our groceries are and the wood stove where I prepare and cook your meals and desserts. Under the windows were the shelves holding encyclopedias and other books, with lunch boxes lining the top. Rest and nap time was in the corner where our music plays and the little window beside the music was the back door to the woodshed and outhouses. The children walked, rode bikes or occasionally a pony to school and in the wintertime some skied.

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